Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gift Guide--Surfer Girl

The surfer girl style consist of a laid back, low key clothing.  The maxi dress is perfect for one who surfs because one can just throw it on after surfing and go on a lunch date.  Pair it up with those white gladiator sandals and your good to go! To protect your eyes, the aviator glasses go perfect.  The sparrow necklace completes the look.  When you see plaid one thinks casual, laid back and when I hear those words I think surfer. The off white tank didn't scream surfer to me but if one wanted to dress up, I see them wearing that tank.  Its functional, yet cute and you can still wear jean shorts with out looking unpresentable.  The purse is perfect for someone who doesn't carry around much stuff.  There is enough room for your cell phone and some surf wax!

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